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Shogun News and Events
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Our friends from Italy return 19th November 2022.jpg

Our friends from Italy return. 19th November 2022

Visit from our Italian friends. 5th November 2022


Congratulations to Ian and Dave who successfully graded to 1st Dan in Krav Maga and Declan who achieved his 2nd Dan in Ju Jitsu on 20th November 2021

Grateful thanks to Rich, Anthony and Tom for helping make today's gradings such a great success.

Congratulations to our 3 new Senior Ju Jitsu Senseis, Dan, Dave and Rich and also to our Ju Jitsu Senseis, James, Anthony, Leo, Dean and Mark who graded to 2nd Dan, not forgetting Sensei Ian who graded to 2nd Dan in Kobudo, well done all for achieving these grades and all thoroughly deserved! 

The successful Senseis
6th November 2021
Special thanks to Sensei Jonathan for assisting with the gradings.

Black Belts and certificate presentation photos.

Anthony and Andrico.jpg

What a fabulous day! For the Juniors and Seniors both. The time flew by and all too soon it was over. Huge thanks to all who took part and already everyone is eagerly looking forward to the next Seminar.


Ladies Tuesday Self Defence Awareness course Graduates
Tuesday 22nd June 2021


Ladies Saturday Self Defence Awareness course Graduates
26th June 2021

Hall of Fame

At Shogun World we periodically arrange seminars and special courses.
These courses are an opportunity to go beyond the formal training syllabus and to experience many of the other techniques available in Ju Jitsu but which are not included in the core training.
Typically these courses take place on a non training day, usually Sundays and are open to all though numbers are limited so it's advisable to book early to ensure participation. 


The courses are not confined to Ju Jitsu techniques but will normally cover a range of martial arts such as Karate, Krav Maga, Kobudo (weapons training) and knife awareness and defence techniqes.

Upon completion of the course / seminar all students are awarded a certificate to record their participation.
Once a student has successfully completed 10 courses / seminars they are inducted into the Shogun World Hall of Fame and awarded a special Copper level certificate in recognition. 
Further courses / seminars are recognised by the award of Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally Platinum certificates following completion of 5 additional courses / seminars for each level. 


Krav Maga first ever Black Belt gradings 29th August 2020


Krav Maga gradings.
20th May 2023
Well done guys! Extremely hard work and another step closer to Black Belt.

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